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Welcome to Savvy Moms Inspiration and Tips

Here are some of the content providers that inspire me! There will always be difficulty in life, but we can choose to make the best of it.


What do I do when I need encouragement?

I watch Kristina Kuzmic on you tube. Her videos uplift and inspire me to provide my own content to encourage moms.

Here are a couple of my favorite videos.

Good Enough

Yeah, but...

Where do you go when you're looking for practical advice?

I regularly listen to the Focus on the Family podcast or read their articles for marriage and family advice. They have a wide range of topics they cover and they pick guest speakers who are experienced on the topics they speak on.

I also follow parent guru on Facebook to help with my mindset on discipline.

Where do you look for answers to common questions?

If I think something is a common question then I will search you tube to see if they have any good content. I came across many great channels this way, including Love Meg and Fun, Cheap or Free.

Fun Cheap or Free focus on budgeting, but they cover a variety of content beyond that, including live streams where they interact with their audience. Some great topics have been on Marriage (4 part series has great content).

As well as a two part series on making friends.

How do you find content on specific issues?

I have also found that you tube is a great place to go when I'm looking for a specific type of regular content. Some great mom you tubers include:

A Place to Nest for homeschooling content

Clutterbug for cleaning and organization tips

Nami Cho for make up tips

This Gathered Nest for big families

This Gathered Schoolhouse for homeschooling

Kristina Kuzmic does satire videos, but also talks about issues like divorce, remarriage, struggling financially and self esteem videos


Liz Millican believes that small changes lead to big changes.

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